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Sailing in Maine

front of Macgregor 26XMaine offers the Hunter or MacGregor owner a virtually unlimited playground of lakes, rivers and coastline. With a trailerable sailboat you can visit a river today, a lake tomorrow and the coast whenever you want... while avoiding the expense of permanent in-the-water storage.

The water ballasted MacGregor 26M makes shallow water operation possible. Some people even say these boats can be launched in mud - but we would not go that far! One thing for sure, you can get into and out of places that keel sailboats can't. And that opens up a whole world of possibilities in Maine's lakes, rivers and even coastline.

For a family, sailing in Maine is something special. The Maine boating community is friendly. Expect to be greeted by other boaters as they go by. Or welcomed at any of our fine marinas located along the coast or on Maine's larger lakes. Combine sailing with swimming, fishing, diving, exploring or water skiing (on a properly outfitted MacGregor 26M) and you see that sailing in Maine becomes a healthy and fun lifestyle that can last a lifetime.

mast and an evening viewWe've even heard of people using a Hunter or MacGregor as campers, too! Quite handy for a family on vacation!

You will never tier of the wonderful sensation of sailing in Maine, shutting off the engine and enjoying the quiet serenity of moving along under sail. There's always another lake, river or part of the coast to experience for the first time. People to meet, and things to do. And a trailerable sailboat gives you all of this.

The price is low and the wind is free. Enjoy.

Stan Russell,
Russell's Marine


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