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Hunter 27 Pricing

" Sailaway" Price

Basic boat $47,500

Deluxe Boat $52,833


Bow Roller
Roller Furling CDI
Cruising Spinnaker Gear – no sail or winches
Companionway Canvas
Cockpit Cushions
Bimini Top – req Sternrail Seats
Mainsail Cover
Fabric Interior Upgrade (blue)
Wheel Steering
Fixed Marine Head w/Holding Tank
Autohelm Knot/Depth St-40
Stern Rail Seats
Bottom Paint (factory application)

About Freight. Freight expenses can vary depending on the distance from the factory, configuration of the load (other boats that might be on the same truck) the route of travel, the specific carrier, and the time of year. Freight across the continental US could range from $500 to $4,000. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to provide an exact quote until time of shipping. While everyone complains about the cost of freight, few understand the actual costs involved. They include; The payment on, or cost of, ownership of the truck and trailer, (most rigs are a $75,000 - $125,000 investment), federal, state, and local permits for all 50 states, liability insurance, collision insurance on the truck, freight insurance, fuel, tolls, tires, oil changes and other regular maintenance, and finally the hourly rate of the driver. There’s a lot more involved than most realize. Always check with your local dealer for freight estimates.

About Commissioning or Dealer Prep. The base price also does not include commissioning (dealer prep). This would include but not be limited to; crane or lift fees to unload the boat from the truck, initial cleaning, inspection, repair of any minor shipping damage, rigging, labor and materials used during rigging, systems checkout, trailer checkout, final detailing etc. Each dealership has it's own fee schedule for these services and some charge more than others. Hunter Marine does not dictate the price of dealer prep. The highest price charged for a 260 is $2,400. Always check with your local dealer for the exact price of dealer prep and what is included.

About Options. The base price of the boat does not include optional equipment. The list of standard equipment provided with the boat is clearly listed on the brochure and our website. It is rather extensive. Also listed on the brochure and website are factory supplied optional equipment. Below is an approximate price list of options available from the factory. It is not intended to provide detailed information on the specific item. Check with your local dealer for detailed information on each option. This price may or may not include installation / assembly. Check with your local dealer to find out. The approximate price may be more or less than your local dealership would charge. Your local dealership may also offer other options provided from sources other than the Hunter factory. Always check with your local dealer for accurate options pricing.

About Price Shopping. While everyone always wants to get the best deal possible, they often do so without realizing what role their local dealer will play in the enjoyment of their boat. "Chiseling" the dealer down to his last dime may not be in the best long-term interests of the customer. All dealers want to provide service good enough so that the customer will;
A) Be completely satisfied with their purchase.
B) Want to come back.
C) Recommend their services to fellow sailors.

But they also have overhead to cover. Anyone who’s ever owned a small business can sympathize: Rent, phone, electricity, insurance, advertising, hourly employees, it adds up quick. Keep in mind that sailboat dealerships operate at their peak for only about 6 months of the year. This means they have to work twice as hard every day for a years worth of income. While sailors are universally known for being extremely frugal (some might use a different adjective) the purchase of a new boat is a unique case where a few dollars left on the table may prove to be a valuable investment down the road.

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